Wednesday, September 2, 2009


benda yg pernah ku impikan...utk mereka yg berflickr,mesti phm kn??

hope more to come in the future...ameen~
so,till my next post,l8rs~


Monday, August 31, 2009


Merdeka??not really in the spirit coz cant really mengerti the meaning of merdeka...

but then,i can still celebrate my fest post after 3months...hahahaha~

and also to hOmmIEs bro Arep,hepi burfday anak merdeka~

even though almost halfway in our fasting journey,still wanna wish u readers

so,till my next post,l8rs~


Sunday, May 31, 2009


it's the end of May n rata2 bersepah org wat weddings,rata2 nmpk budak2,jalanraya makin sesak...i was a bit wondering apsal tetiba aite??n den i juz got the answer since my all week empty house sudah penuh ngan my parents n adek beradek (excluding my lil bro)...cuti sekolah dh wonder la meriah semacam...

di kala musim2 begini lah,para2 photografer mula bz n yg pro x cukup tangan nk handle wedding..maka,di passing la job2 tersebut kepada anak2 buah,a few days back i got a msg from a nu fren..dd (read:didi) texted me..a bit surprise since xder pun no dier n pernah jmpe skali jer..ghuper2 nyer nk mintak tolong tag her on a wedding...sbb kan xder xtvt sgt,aku pun on jer la...

the wedding was held dis morning (read:ari ahad) in gombak...the bride n groom; noor n nazar...jenis wedding,kg style n mmg agak syiok...had fun tagging dd n wan (kawan dd) coz meriah n bley masuk la nk borak...if the two of u r reading dis,u guys r kewl...kalo ader paper event nk snap2,jgn luper aku eh?

sini aku preview sket the pict i took..l8r i'll post one in my p-blog...

a pano-shot during mkn2...outdoorthe team

so,till my next post,l8rs~


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